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Being in the Zone is the holy grail of performance at the highest level.




WHAT, WHY, HOW? Three crucial questions.

WHAT is this post? A prime example of being in the Zone. A live concert recording where my mind is trained to be in the moment as every note counts! No distractions, just sheer concentration and focus. 

WHY? Because this is the only way to perform and be a complete conduit for the composer - I have stepped out of my own way and my full concentration is on bringing Bach's music to life. 

HOW? By using the Zone techniques that apply in every walk of your life when you want to be on top of your game. Whether in a public performance or giving a high stakes business keynote, it's all about the way you communicate and the clarity and passion that you bring to your game in that moment.

Do you want sales and productivity to go through the roof? 
Do you want to enter that boardroom with a sense of complete mastery of the delivery of your presentation?

This is life-changing! 2021 is the leap forward into success! 


Being in the ZONE

meet the zone in:

presentation success lead


Helen Yorke


An experienced coach who ‘tweaks’ already seasoned presenters and performers looking to develop better management of their presentation and stage nerves.

Helen Yorke’s presentation was under the auspices of Trinity Laban’s series of Music Postgraduate Forum sessions.  Her presentation focussed on aspects of concert platform presentation and audition techniques, both crucial and essential areas for aspiring professional artists.  Helen is a dynamic speaker, bringing a highly organised and practical approach to her presentations, along with the ability to motivate and inspire through a blend of passion for the subject and the tangible sense for the students that this is grounded in the highest level of professional accomplishment and experience.


Helen’s Q&A session after the presentation was illuminating, offering incisive observations and clear cut solutions to a varied set of student queries and concerns.


I would recommend Helen most highly as an engaging and thought-provoking speaker at any kind of conference or convention event.

Jonathan Tilbrook - Head of Orchestral studies


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